You can order online consultation with our stylist, who will check your accessories and give few tips.

Eyebrows Style

Want to spice up your ladies night? Have a women’s conference that needs a guest speaker? Kim, owner of Cosmetro, loves to share the knowledge and expertise with every woman so we may ALL feel beautiful in our accessories on any occasion. We love to communicate with our clients and build relations for further cooperation.

During such presentations we provide you with exclusive information, tell about technology of accessories producing and show the most beautiful and elegant items. You will be able to try some items and know useful and even secret tips. Every participant will get our Lookbook and promo-code for the first buy.

Please contact us to know the details and make an appointment with our manager.

Beauty things for everyone

Perfect accessories is an integral part of everyday life. Look your best with our beauty tips! A long face is characterized by features that are vertically stretched out. In this case, it is important to extend the tails of your brows east-to-west to really play up horizontal features. If you have an intriguing heart-shaped face, this means, that being said, a thin brow is never in! The idea here is to create a shape that is controlled and never bushy.


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I ordered this shadow-palette as I knew this brand is really good. But this new series is just amazing!